50 minute session

  • One-on-one or group

75 minute session

  • One-on-one or group

100 minute session

  • One-on-one or group

125 minute session

  • One-on-one or group


When booking an appointment for the first time, please download and print Client Consent for Services.  Go to Helpful Forms page to download and print appropriate form (depending on  type of visit).   If you are not able to do that, then you  can fill them out at the appointment.

Cancellation Policy

You must notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your therapy appointment. Otherwise, you may be billed for the full cost of the session.

Payment Methods

Cash or cheque at the end of each session. PayPal or e-Transfer can be used to prepay prior to your appointment.


Accepted are:

  • VAC Cards for preapproved psychotherapeutic services to Canadian Veterans.
  • NIHB provider of preapproved Mental Health Services to First Nations persons.
  • Homewood Health provider for preapproved Trauma Care and Substance Abuse services.

Psychotherapeutic services may also be covered by your health insurance policy or employee benefits plan. Please check with your policy provider by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible?
  • How many sessions does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the coverage amount per session?
  • Do I need approval from my family physician?
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