Couple Counselling

Our most intimate relationships can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our life and at the same time the most challenging. That’s why having a stable, healthy and compatible relationship with our loved ones is so important.

The three categories of couples who would benefit from therapy are:

(A) Couples in a relationship who want to stay together but are facing ongoing problems that they have not been able to resolve themselves. If you are hurting and overwhelmed by any of the following issues, then therapy may help:

  • Infidelity and affairs
  • Excessive arguing and fighting
  • Differences about raising children and dealing with extended family
  • Frequent arguing about money and spending
  • Real, heartfelt communication is difficult
  • One partner is emotionally absent or distant
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Pornography and other addictions
  • Home upkeep responsibilities
  • You still love your partner but feel as if you can no longer be in a relationship with him or her
  • The passion seems to have gone out of the relationship

(B) You are the couple at the beginning stages of a new committed relationship. If so, I can help you to gain clarity about any pre-marital concerns:

  • Emotional, intellectual, spiritual and sexual compatibility
  • Long term couple financial and family planning goals
  • How to manage the blending of families and culture

(C) You and your partner are trying to figure out how to separate and end the relationship in a respectful and safe manner. At this painful juncture in your life, therapy can be crucial in helping both parties and other family members to lessen the negative impacts of this significant loss.

Keeping a focus on the care of children if there are any

Figuring out acceptable ways of communicating about dividing property and who will take care of family pets

Learning to respect each other’s need for rest, healing and the freedom to re-engage in new relationships

Find your way to clarity, stability and harmony.

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